Solve Your Breathing Troubles

Those of us who grew up with asthma or other bronchial problems know the struggle to breathe properly. Some are more sensitive than others and find it difficult to draw breath. The key to solving this problem is to identify the root cause. Here are some of the reasons why children and adults find it difficult to breathe as well as what you can do to solve it.

Air Pollution

Some individuals are very sensitive to air composition and the smallest changes can affect their health. If there is construction going on in the area, the air can become inundated with dust that interferes with inhaling oxygen and cause sinusitis. Some areas are naturally more polluted than others due to a high number of vehicles that emit toxic exhaust smoke or there could be poor waste management which leads to high amounts of methane in the air. For these and various other reasons, breathing can become a problem. 

The solution is to either make sure the area you live in is clear of air pollutants or live somewhere else. You can plant a lot of trees around your home or at least cultivate a wall of creeping plants to act as a natural filter. Others find that their sinus and breathing problems magically disappear when they move out of their house as adults.

Structural Issues

Some people are born with noses that have not adapted or formed completely, thus making it difficult for them to breathe. In severe cases, rhinoplasty surgeons Gold Coast should be performed in order to change the setting of the cartilage, skin, or muscle and craft a functional nose. The procedure is known as rhinoplasty and it can be medically necessary. There are other instances where the septum (bridge) of the nose can deviate due to sports injuries or accidents and must be set right surgically in order for the air to flow as well as if there is an unnecessary muscle growth inside which obstructs the passage of air.

Come Down from High

Many people suffering from asthma or wheezing find that a change of location to a coastal area makes it much easier for them to breathe. This is because, the higher the altitude where you live, the less oxygen is available in the air – it is ‘thin’ air with less oxygen to go around. This is also true of those who have less lung capacity than normal. As the altitude gets lower closer to the ocean, there is a higher saturation of oxygen in the air, making is easier to breathe. Regular exercise such as swimming can benefit those with problems and increase lung capacity, making it easier to breathe until you can move.

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