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Rejuvenate yourself with Natural Massage Therapy with Basalt Stones


At present, if you’re looking for natural treatment options for various sicknesses, pain related problems, etc. there are plenty. In fact, one of the most popular options that have been in practice dating back centuries ago is ‘Ayurveda’. Ayurveda is a branch of therapy and treatment option that uses natural herbs, roots, seeds, oils, etc. to cure various physical ailments. Moreover, mental problems such as stress, emotional distress, etc. can also be cured. In this branch of traditional and natural medicine, it focuses on various types of body massages to enhance healing. Therefore, individuals could recuperate and engage in their normal daily functioning.

Furthermore, if you’re suffering from any physical ailment or you wish to rejuvenate yourself, then, you should consider this therapy. This is also known as ‘Shila Abhyanga massage’, which is quite popular. Given the above, this powerful therapy is beneficial for individuals to enhance overall positive health. As a fact, even if you’ve been suffering with various sicknesses for a long time, it would be best to help de-stress and heal your body. As a fact, you would feel reenergized, better and fresh. With that said, if you’re wondering what thi
s is, read this article:

• What is Shila Abhyanga?

Hot stone massage is a therapy that can be dated back more than 3000 years ago, which were used in China and India. In fact, the therapy uses hot stones, which as normally Basalt stones, in different sizes. Prior to the therapy, these stones are heated. Afterwards, it’s placed on points (gates) along both sides of the individual’s spine. As a result, it generates pressure around the tissues and muscles, which allows healing of various ailments.

The main characteristic of this therapy that has an added bonus in comparison with herbal massage is that, it has the property of enhancing healing and resilience. This is achieved by impacting the constant energy that flows through our bodies. As a result, releasing stress, tensions, etc. and connecting continuous flow of energy throughout the body.

• What are the other benefits of this therapy?

Hot stone massage in Auckland is said to be beneficial to enhance deeper relaxation, which is vital for a balanced psyche. As a fact, it calms the nervous system and body, resulting in natural healing from mental wounds.

 Moreover, similar to herbal massage, the therapy is a great remedy for both physical and mental diseases such as;
– Back pains
– Arthritis
– Stress
– Depression
– Multiple Sclerosis, etc.

 In addition, it helps stimulate better blood circulation, which is good for overall positive physical and mental health.

As a fact, those of you who are fond of Ayurvedic or natural therapies should give a thought to this remedy. Make sure that you find a place that does a proper job with trained and knowledgeable staff. With that said, for more information, you could research further online, which has ample of resources.

Ways In Which You Can Enhance Your Digestion?

Many people are suffering from digestion issues and problems in digestion will make your life because of the increased levels of discomfort. If the food that you eat aren’t properly digested, you will have to a lot of health issues as well. There are many ways in which you can enhance your digestion and an improved digestion will benefit all the organs in your body and will improve their functionality.

Improve your postures

Your bathroom posture has a big effect on the rate of digestion that is taking place in your digestive system. The modern day bathroom will not provide the right posture while using the bathroom. You should make sure that you use the natural postures to when using your bathroom, for this you can install a squatty commode. Squatty pots are not recommended for pregnant women.
If you don’t maintain a good digestion, you will get immense pains such as abdominal pains, gas, diarrhea and constipation if there is a problem in your digestive system. If there is any damage cause to your large intestine or the colon, you will have to get treatment for irritable bowel syndrome. A good digestion will help you live your life smoothly.

Take in magnesium

Magnesium is very essential for the proper functioning of the body as it helps the body take care of about 300 reactions in the body. Magnesium in your body will help the body maintain the hormone balance, will bring about strong bones and teeth, helps maintain a healthy nervous and a cardiovascular system. The best way to increase the amount of magnesium in your body, you can either consume food containing magnesium or use magnesium skin oils. When you take in enough of magnesium, you will feel that your digestion has improved.

Take in probiotics

Bacteria aren’t always bad for your health. Bacteria which brings about good reactions in your body are known to be probiotics. Unfortunately, the number of bad bacteria in a person’s body is higher than that of the probiotics. Due to this, there will be a lot of problems going on in your digestive system. The best ways in which you can intake a healthy amount of probiotics is by consuming fermented food and drinks. The enzymes and the probiotics in these fermented food and drinks will increase the rate of absorption in the digestive system.

Work out

Most of us are used to stay seated for many hours of the day due to work or at home but spending hours dotting isn’t healthy for your digestive system. The more you move and the more you exercise, the digestion in your body will increase.